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Automatic Control
Product Description
  • Automatic control system:Main control by PLC,integrated system by HMI diagram supervision,IPC remote & data-collection.If the IPC broken-down,the PLC still run.It also include overlap inspection,report system,code system,process parameter setup,output & recovery control,history record,alarm system,the rotation speed and steering can be controlled separately for each transmission unit.
  • HMI diagram control include part code system,abnormal alarm system & reset,monitor alarm system,overflow switch control,spray control,water saving device,plate heating exchanger control system,PH value detect,auto chemicals feeding and chemical management system.
  • Transistor recifier system(fixed ampere or fixed voltage)include signal translator,ampere and voltage convert into PLC for on line. Impeccable diagram supervision system and concentrated rectifier units integrated in the same operation location,it's easy for data management and collection.