Automatic Control System  

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Automatic Control System
Product Description
  • Main control by PLC with options of integrated systems such as HMI, graphical control, SCADA, and database storage.  PLC can be designed to run independently that operation continues even when other integrated service such as SCADA is down.  Features include overlap prevention, production report, process parameter setup, error alarm, event record, rotation speed control, and still many to list.
  • HMI with graphical control system may include most of usual functions such as bar code system, error alarm, range setup, bath level control, spraying control, temperature control, pH value monitor, auto dosing control, and so on.
  • Rectifier control system can work as fixed ampere or fixed voltage setting.  The signal translator enables the rectifiers to communicate with the PLC and perform as instructed.  With the integrated graphical control interface, centralized operation control and data management is made simple.