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Congratulations:The 14th Top10 Excellence Business Award
Congratulations:The 14th Top10 Excellence Innovation and Leadership Award

 Established since 1985, Hung Li (Hurmg Yieh) Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan based company focused on the manufacturing of automated surface treatment equipment and turnkey plants.  With strong capabilities in designing and innovating, we have also obtained many patents for the design of electroplating equipment and polypropylene barrels.

 Our clients are all over the world.  In every continent across the globe, you will find Hung Li’s equipment in operation.  Especially on our domestic market presence, more than half of the electroplating lines currently running in the whole fasteners industry in Taiwan are built and serviced by Hung Li.  We provide services for many industries such as fasteners, metal hardware, automobile, aerospace, electronics…etc., thus accumulated tremendous amount of experiences across different industries.

 Not only pursuing for excellent product quality, we but also emphasize in process quality and efficiency.  From client demand collaboration, design, manufacturing, installation, to trial run, all our processes have qualified for ISO9001 Quality System certification and CE product certification, which enable us to provide our clients better equipment and service.  We have always been strong in after services as well.  Our sophisticated product identity and build record system enables us to provide fast and precise repair and maintenance services, ultimately enables our clients to achieve the goal of consistent production.

 Everyone in Hung Li follows the management philosophy of being“Responsible, Motivated, Break-through, and innovative, strives to grow with our customers and to strengthen company image with quality policies of “Being responsible and motivated, Creating Value, satisfying customers, and perusing for perfection”. We are also committed to make best effort to transform plating industry to environmental friendly industry as our give back to the society, ultimately retain a cleaner, healthier, and better living space for many generations to come.