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1985 HUNG LI MACHINERY INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. was established in Tainan, Taiwan, specialized in design and building automated surface treatment equipment and waste treatment equipment.
1989 Developed and patented designs of polypropylene plating barrels for various industries such as electronic, computer, automobile, fasteners, and metal hardware.  Both performance and durability are highly appraised by domestic and international customers.
1991 The second company/factory, Hurmg Yieh Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd. was established to meet fast growing demand.
1994 Qualified and accredited by the Bureau of Industrial Development under the Ministry of Economic Affairs for production automation technology and service provider, to assist customers for the planning and design of production automation.
1995 Patented the design improvement of the lifting arms and bus bars for rotary type plating equipment.
1996 The third factory was established to meet international demands.
1998 ISO9001 Accredited.
2002 CE Accredited.
2011 The fourth factory was established, to exploit market in aerospace industry.
2012 The fifth factory was established, to provide sufficient space for trial runs of highly complicated production lines before shipping.
2017 Overseas sales office, Hung Li Corporation Japan, was established in Osaka, Japan.