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  • Construction improvement of Beveling Type Plating Barrel
  • Construction improvement of Hexagonal Plating Barrel
  • Construction improvement of Conduction Bus on Plating Barrels
  • The Chucking Device for plating
  • The Filter Cartridge Cleaning Machine for plating
  • The Self-fastening Conduction Bus device for plating
  • The Tilting and Spinning Basket Chucking Crane
  • The Injecting Nozzle for Chemical Agitation Tank
  • One-piece Copper Conduction Bus for Plating Barrels
  • Reclaiming Device of Trivalent Chromate Solution and its Process Control Device
  • Processing Device for Barrel Body Perforation
  • Simple Rotating Device on Hangers
  • Efficiency Improvements of Oil Separating Device
  • Mixing Device for Zinc Dissolution Tank
  • Mechanisms of Drip Collecting Tray on Cranes