Automatic Single Arm Rolling Type Electroplating Equipment  

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Automatic Single Arm Rolling Type Electroplating Equipment
Product Description


  • For the process of small products , high precision and high uniformity ,ex.MLCC,CHIP-R,CHIP-C,MLCI,BME Electrode,LTCC,IPC,Terminal.
  • The design base on the high quality concept of safety , stability and none engine off. The design of single arm crane is easy for user to operate and manage.The equipment is compact and save space.
  • The character of single arm crane: Safe & silent;use photo-sensor to prevent the overlap of barrel;the suspension arm can move up & down to have the function of water drip;while loss the power , the operator can operate manually to keep the products away of defective.
  • The roof style exhaust shield not hold the space of tank and can prvent the chemicals drop into the other tank.
  • All the conductivity copper protected with isolation and anticorrosion treatment , and easy to replace.

Acrylic barrel:

  • The material of barrel is acrylic through the design of assembly way, and adopts adherent net type for barrel body.The permeability of water for PP net is high, and the round sealing baffles are pyramid with press marking to improve swirl and twist abilities, in addition, avoid remains of materials. It adopts the design of triangle copper head for conduction and insulation, which has big touching area, high conduction rate, speedy deposition and strong electrical adhesion.And using the T type conduction plate to be molded, external covered with plastic to prevent corrosion of chemicals, speedy and convenient for assembling and disassembling, in the meantime, decreasing touch point(patent) to stabilize the electroplating quality. 
  • The design of vane has good interference for current, equal twist ability and sufficient chemical exchange rate.The material of cathode head can be copper, titanium, stainless steel, iridum, platinum, ect.With 10 degress of swing angle of barrel, the twist ability of plating objects is more equal and raise perfection rate.
  • Apart of the operation area and maintenance area ; the whole accessory equipments concentrate in the frame body , the appearance compact and save space.
  • The whole frame body made of SUS304 and PP material.
  • The piping system (outlet , inlet , circulation , spray ) in stalled inside the safety door , easy for operation.
  • The tank body made of PP material , combine with the chemicals management :leveling, overflow, temp.control, PH value detect, auto chemicals feeding.It shows the sedulous design of resource integration.