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el extractor de agua
Descripción del producto
  • The parts by the function of the centrifugal force and hot fan can be rapidly taken water from the surface off in order to increase the brightness and quality on finished parts when drying and baking are simultaneously preceded.
  • The main body of dehydrator is based on the cast steel bottom saddle, which has installed the special shockproof device and being corrected equilibrium for whole unit, so it makes more stability, stronger enough and durability for creating a long usage life.
  • The braking system is consisting of frequency inverter and air type brakes in order to save more time and increase usage safety.
  • After drying and baking are completed, adopting the design of automatic opening cover can save the labor force.
  • This best drying effective can save drying time in order to achieve decreasing the cost.
  • Controlling the rotating speed by collocating and using the frequency inverter in order to establish stronger stability.
  • High speed rotation and quite without interference.
  • Semi-auto and manual dehydrators are also applied for several customers’ selection, which can match with any types of inner basket used.
  • The purpose of the product: Apply for all types of drying and baking used.