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Coil To Coil Lead Frame Plating Equipment
Product Description


  • For the products of fine , precise and continuous die mold & metal strip , ex. power chip, IC semi-conductor , LED etc ., lead frame noble metal electroplating equipment.
  • Auto control : adopt PLC main control and HML(Human Machine Interface) figure supervision , each line operated independentely.
  • According the different product material , specifiction and plating thickness , it can setup the different production time and speed. With abnormal alarm function, linkage control during production operation, to prevent the products loss caused by abnormal operation.
  • The feeding roller with the function of linear speed control , it can stabilize the loading and unloading and reduce the frequency of start the rectifiers.

Spot plating mechanism

  • For the noble metal spot plating , utilize mold mask and accurate carry mechanism to ensure the quality of plating.
  • The rectifiers used in Ag spot plating with 4 types of pulse output , it is optional while different products produced.
  • According different products to setup the length , the maximum tolerance is ±0.5mm , it has the advantage of reduce the unnecessary plating , save the chemicals consumption and stabilization of products quality.

Auto unloading mechanism

  • The speed of unloading mechanism can be adjusted according the production speed ; the material will not damaged by forced pull of reducer . It also has the function of calculate the length of material.

Cathode electric conductivity roller

  • Special design of the electric conductivity roller with the character that can increase the current density and reduce the friction to prevent the damage of material.

Auto loading mechanism

  • With auto feeding function , keep the products in tightened condition . It has the auto pinching and auto up/down function while lack of material , it is convenient for operator to connect the coil , no any interruption of the production procedure.