FPC & PCB Wet Automatic Production Line  

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FPC & PCB Wet Automatic Production Line
Product Description

To meet the trend of accuracy and requirement of high production efficiency and finer quality for FPC and PCB products , continuous researches and improvements have been carried out by HUNG LI
Now , HUNG LI has laid a solid base for the sophisticated design and production skills to provide complete range of developing , etching and film stripping equipment in the field of horizontal and vertical plating. 

  • Available in various designs of single row , single face and double face,suiting to the requirement of production process.
  • Double-layer roller transmission mechanism to assure stabilized and free process flow , capable of dealing with extremely thin and high precision BGA.
  • Transparent seeing window design for easier observation , operation and maintenance.
  • Modulus design cut down equipment purchasing and maintenance cost.
  • Overflow and moveable shield panel are designed in the anti-erosion tank to provide uniformed agent concentration and prolong the service life.
  • Automatic control : Each transmission is designed for adjustable speed display. Circulating filtration system for fixed time and fixed amount,adjustment,flow control and level protection. Oscillating spray , stirring and wind shearing system for fixed pressure adjustment and display. Drying design for adjustment of temperature control system and fixed time pre-heating. Automatic feeding detection time accumulation of agent mixing and automatic mixing device.